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#javascript: Popularity, Trend, Related Hashtags –

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Research on Social Network Sites

October 24, 2013 Leave a comment

Americans Keeping Informed About Brands Via SocNets (Courtesy: brands-social-network-research-product-2013

Americans Keeping Informed About Brands Via SocNets (Courtesy:


Top social networks (Courtesy:

Here is a detailed bibliography of social media/social networking resources, including academic papers:

Research on Social Network Sites.


Startup Culture: Values vs. Vibe

August 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Startup Culture: Values vs. Vibe

via Startup Culture: Values vs. Vibe.

Facebook Obsoletes Less Than Year-Old Facebook Application Development For Dummies Book!

Facebook Obsoletes Less Than Year-Old Facebook Application Development For Dummies Book!


Just a quick rant here.  In what must be some kind of record, Facebook has pretty much made obsolete the book Facebook Application Development For Dummies (Wiley, by Jesse Stay), which I purchased about 7 months ago (August 2011 — only 3 months after it was released!).

Most of my other programming books (mostly O’Reilly, Head First, Head Rush, etc.) are good for at least 5 years before they are useless.  But in this case, Facebook has redesigned their developer portal so much that where once there was a canvas page and canvas url, now only the canvas url is present.  Not only that, when you hover over secure canvas url it says that a secure canvas url is required by October 2011 (Oops! — That deadline has passed).

Such is the developer’s roadmap of progress.  I want to look at this with an open mind, and as such I’ll take this as an opportunity to look for more recent online Facebook Application Development tutorials.  I found one on Facebook’s developer site here.  I’ll try to follow that but right now my ass hurts from hemorrhoids and sitting in an uncomfortable chair too long (an upcoming article will aggregate reviews of several task chairs, ergo and otherwise — WATCH FOR IT!) so I’m retiring for the moment.

Until next time …

– CodeSlayer2010

Why you Should Tweet your Post Multiple Times?