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Writing THE code: IkeaHakers Expedit shelving bed


Writing THE code: IkeaHakers Expedit shelving bed.

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Inspirational Workspace: 60 Awesome Setups

Inspirational Workspace: 60 Awesome Setups.

Here’s a good article with lots of photos. Ideas on setting up a creative home office for programmer in a small apartment.

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Home Office Snapshots – i know where you work …and live

Home Office Snapshots – i know where you work …and live.

Home office designs for programmers and other professionals who work with computer workstations.

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2006 Resolution – Prepare – Scott Hanselman

2006 Resolution – Prepare – Scott Hanselman.

Here’s a neat and smart idea. Prepare a backup drive so when SHTF and you need to bugout, you can just grab your drive and go!

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Is Pinterest a Haven for Copyright Violations?

Is Pinterest a Haven for Copyright Violations?.

Interesting article on pinterest and copyright violation issues. Also has list of actual copyright violation scenarios.

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Where I program

Successful Software is a photographic project showing science fiction writers and their offices. I started wondering what the offices of other microISVs and small software companies look like. Were they Zen temples of minimalism, with just a desk, a chair and a laptop? Or were they mad scientist labs, piled to the ceiling with obsolete equipment and empty pizza boxes? I rather hoped it was the latter, so I wouldn’t feel so bad about my own cluttered little office. I asked for photos of offices on some forums frequented by independent developers. I got a great response. Click the images to see larger versions.

oryxThis is my own cluttered office. The image comprises 6 photos stitched together using Autostitch to simulate an ultra wide angle lens. This makes it look bigger than it is. My unexciting view of suburban Britain is enlivened by regular sightings of Red Kites. I resisted…

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