neet galaxy pic from nasa

Shine of Fuchsia...

I know there hasn’t been much of the promised “space” on here. But since I’m sick, I decided to do something I haven’t had the time to before – explore NASA’s site. It’s full of amazing space photography! <3<3<3 No news I guess, but I can spend all day on there!

Like, look at this! This is NGC 2623, two galaxies becoming one – space love! It looks like a such peaceful merger, but when you think of all the energy of those two galaxies colliding you realise it must be anything but peaceful!

Image Credit: Hubble Legacy Archive, ESA, NASA; Processing Martin Pugh

The violent encounter between two galaxies […] has produced widespread star formation near a luminous core and along eye-catching tidal tails. Filled with dust, gas, and young blue star clusters, the opposing tidal tails extend well over 50,000 light-years from the merged nucleus…

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