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Internet Explorer Cake of the Day – Cheezburger

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Internet Explorer Cake of the Day – Cheezburger.


Verizon Not Allowing Customers Who Are Behind In Payments To Downgrade Plans

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Verizon Determined To Keep Customers From Paying Their Bills And Deep In Debt:

Customers Behind In Payments Unable To Downgrade Plans

So … It looks like Verizon is determined to keep me in debt.  Let’s get one thing out of the way first — It’s definitely, absolutely, 100% my fault that I got behind on my phone bill.  Currently, I’m behind almost $350 due to a recent move for a better job.  The upfront ‘”startup” costs of relocating to my new apartment was about $1000 more than I anticipated.

My monthly mobile phone payment is around $130 (taxes included) and because I had to pay for the apartment deposit (~$1000) and I had to get my car payments caught up (~$1000) last week, I’m currently broke (well, I have about $100, which I need for gas & food for next week) and I’m behind about 1.5 payments, meaning I currently owe Verizon $370, roughly. I just paid $50 online so that as Mom says “At least you paid something, and you show that you’re making an effort”.

The challenge is that when I tried to change my plan online to something lower, (since they have me shut off and therefore my phone is not doing me any good at the moment), the website gave me this response:

We apologize for this inconvenience. You must first pay your past due amount before proceeding with your calling plan change. To process your request today, please make your payment online, then contact Customer Service at (800) 922-0204 for assistance with your order. Otherwise, you will be able to process your calling plan change request online after 24 hours of receipt of your payment.

So, let me translate what Verizon seems to be saying to me:

You are behind on your phone payments almost $400 and though we won’t let you use your phone (we’ve disabled it remotely), WE ARE STILL GOING TO CONTINUE TO CHARGE YOU FOR THE SERVICE. Also, we are going to keep charging you your high-cost plan rate instead of letting you downgrade to reduce your plan cost,  though you are, of course, still UNABLE TO USE YOUR PHONE.

Really Verizon? You could at least give me a phone that works well — The Droid Razr I’ve had for less than a month keeps shutting itself off, restarting, and not letting me type anything for the last week. I also am not enthused that the Razr doesn’t allow me to remove the battery.

Have you had similar experiences with Verizon? Tell us your story in the comments below.


Comparing Windows 7 & Snow Leopard Icons | iSkysoft Blog

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With the new ECMAScript 6 Proxy object that Firefox has implemented, you can make dot do pretty much anything you want. I made the dot operator in JavaScript behave like Haskell’s bind:

To be clear, ECMAScript 6 has changed the API for Proxy since Firefox adopted it, but you can implement the new one on top of the old one. Tom van Cutsem has code for that.

I figured this out while working on a contracts library for JavaScript. Using the standard monadic style (e.g. jQuery), I wrote an implementation that doesn’t use proxies; it looked like this:

The lift function takes an input, wraps it in brackets, and stores it in the value property of an object. The other property of the object, the underscore method, takes a function as input, maps that over the current value and flattens it, then returns a new object of the…

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If you browse the net, you would notice a handful of programming languages to choose from. Different programming languages range from A# .NET to ZPL. However, we raise this argument to all programmers: Is there a need to master every programming language available? Do programmers need to be a Jack of all trades in programming?  We will try to find out.

Some programmers love the thrill of facing challenges. They may have exceptional coding skill in one programming language, but they are not contented on sticking to that. Therefore, they feel the need to learn other programming languages. Some programmers try to learn as many as they can. After all, programming languages have the same logic, but they differ a lot in terms of structure. Education is a continuous process, so their mindset is to continue in gaining knowledge.

Some programmers believe there is no need to master every programming…

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HP Photosmart 7510 – Can’t eFax, Bogus “not connected to a network message”

October 7, 2012 2 comments

NOTE: I referred to these posts for guidance on troubleshooting this issue:

Two things listed to try, either by themselves or in conjunction with each other are:

1) Turn the ePrint Service off then on again (weird I know, but remember the most common fix for MS Windows computers is to restart the machine) and

2) Use manual DNS addresses as and for Preferred and Alternate DNS’s, respectively.

I tried both of these and there was no change in my issue. The isssue, BTW, for me personally is that I have apparently successfully registered with the eFax service via my printer (HP Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One Printer – C311), but it always hangs when “Sending eFax“. The it returns the message:

yellow warning exclamation inside triangle yield signNo Connection
Your printer is not connected to a network. Touch Try Again to attempt to send the fax again. Touching Cancel will abandon the current fax.

Also … do you have to prefix a 1 in the USA to send a fax? Maybe that’s the issue??

UPDATE: Nope, tried prefix with a 1 and that didn’t help either. Same error.

3) I also registered my HP ePrint mobile printing at  ePrintCenter says “connected” and “ready“.  Tried refreshing the printer then retried faxing again, only to receive the same error noted above.

I don’t know what else I can do with this as I have investigated various blog posts for a good answer, … unfortunately none of the answers provided helped my situation. If anyone has any knowledge of this issue I’d love to hear what your experiences have been … just post your responses below. Any help is appreciated because I’m stumped on this one friends!