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Comcast Arris TG862 Gateway modem+router Won’t connect to ASUS X401A Mini-Laptop

September 18, 2012 46 comments

Comcast Arris TG862 Gateway modem+router Won’t connect to ASUS X401A Mini-Laptop

Problems with brand-new Best Buy ASUS laptop connnecting to Xfinity cable modem:

Comcast Arris TG862G/CT Wireless Gateway

Mom’s New Laptop

My mom recently bought an ASUS X401A 14″ Laptop which was equipped without an optical (CD/DVD) drive, and for wireless network connection only. When I’m at her house, I have her DELL desktop connected (wired), and my HP laptop and two cell phones, all 3 connected wirelessly. She hasn’t been able to get on the internet ever with her ASUS laptop, and it’s a product that was purchased by the original owner (Mom bought off a girl on Craigslist) only a few months ago.

Symptoms & Troubleshooting

As far as I can tell there’s nothing really wrong with it except that it won’t connect to the internet (and the touchpad sucks, but that’s a different blog).  The symptoms are this:

  1. HP laptop running XP SP3 connects to the home wireless network fine.
  2. ASUS will not connect to home (Comcast) wireless network.  The OS is Windows 7 Media Center Edition.  It says “Connected” under “Wireless Network Connection”. But, at the same time it says “Currently connected to: Unidentified network – No Internet access” … Very contradictory in my view
  3. Subsequently the ASUS, after not successfully connecting to home network, when taken back to Best Buy, connected fine to their in-store wireless network!

I’m not really sure where to go from here.  She tried calling Comcast for technical help with their product and instead of helping they tried to extort her out of $35.95 a month for technical support!

Share Your Experience

If anyone has any suggestions, or has run into this type of technical problem recently, please feel free to comment below.  I know this isn’t a bulletin board but I’m okay with starting a comment stream on this post to try and get this solved so my mom can finally use her computer the way she needs to.  Thanks for your anticipated comments!!!



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