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How To Make Ten Million Dollars In Gold With Photoshop!

Photoshop Tutorial Thumbnail - Gold Effect

Hey guys.  Welcome back!  Tonight I just want to real quickly talk about a cool tutorial I found on YouTube today.  I was searching for a “Gold Text” effect Photoshop Tutorial when I came across this one from IceflowStudios:

Photoshop: GOLD Bling!


One thing I liked about it from the git-go was he begins by saying most tutorials on how to make gold effects are insufficient.  I did the tutorial with him step by-step and was happy to discover that he explained everything very coherently, step-by-step and in the end I had a had the string “$10,000,000” in glimmering gold metal!

Just to give you a quick Idea, Here is the photograph I started with (fig. 1.0):

fig 1.0 - Photo: $1Million On Display

fig 1.0 - Photo: $1Million On Display

The only edits I had to do to prepare the original photo was just simple cropping.

Then, I typed my text “$10,000,000” in Hobo Std font because it has a nice thickness to the letters, and because that’s what the narrator says to use.  Here I am using crisp, 60 pt (Fig 1.1):

Fig 1.1 - Typing $10,000,000 in "Hobo Std" font.

Fig 1.1 - Typing $10,000,000 in "Hobo Std" font.

Finally, we have the finished product (Fig 1.3).  From start to completion it only took about 30 minutes — 4 minutes to view the tutorial the first time to decide if it had merit, 10 minutes to perform the steps once, and another 15 minutes or so troubleshooting and tweaking my settings.

Without further adieu … BEHOLD! … I give you: $10,000,000:

Fig 1.3 - Finished Product: Attraction of $10,000,000

Fig 1.3 - Finished Product:The Attraction of $10,000,000

TIP:   You may find it useful, as I did, to save your completed style for use on future projects.  The narrarator explains how to do this (it’s not hard by any means) very well.  I would go further, though, and suggest that as the narrator goes through the steps to get to the final “Gold Bling”, you may find it helpful to save a new style every so often, as the intrermediate steps, as each one is added, creates a new and wonderful effect in its own right.

This was a great tutorial and I hope it helps you complete whatever project of yours requires a great gold effect!

Live Joyously with Many Blessings!

– CodeSlayer2010

Be excellent to each other!” — Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

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    • kristobaldude
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      Thanks for your comment! This is a good question: How Can I Stop/Limit WordPress.com spam?? Well, short of hosting your own WordPress.ORG site, when using the .COM site unfortunately you will have to do a lot of monitoring. Comment spam comes primarily from your pingback/trackback settings. According to http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/what-why-and-how-tos-of-trackbacks-and-pingbacks-in-wordpress/:

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